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We are PM4U - The people who bring you the NEW WAY to manage your property

Argentina Fernandes - Co Founder & Director

Having worked as a Property Manager for several years in London I came to realise that there was a much better and New way of doing things. I was shocked by how expensive the fees for these services were and how little support there was for breakdown emergencies. An emergency call-out could easily be inflated by contractors knowing that it was for an estate agent. Then there was the time wasted in trying to get several quotes before the Landlords would choose which one to go for, all whilst the tenant was without hot water, heating, electrics, etc. I am now working tirelessly to ensure that we can provide a solution orientated Property Management service without the waste and inefficiencies.

Gregory Duggan - Co Founder & Director

With good and bad experiences as a Landlord and as a Tenant I have always considered preparing for the worst whilst planning for the best. With this in mind I have prepared a company Motto that we shall build our business around SAVE & PROTECT. I am therefore working extremely hard to SAVE you the Landlords as much money as possible whilst providing the greatest PROTECTION that we can in those costs. I do believe that the Packages that we have put together do reflect this. However, my role in the business is to continuously strive to improve our packages and give greater cost savings in the future.

Our Motto


What we are all about

Our core values, how we can help and more importantly why we do what we do.

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What we value

  • We know how important your assets are too you and therefore want to ensure the greatest stress-free protection as possible at a reasonable price using our ETEC system.
  • We do not believe in unnecessary fees.
  • Your success is our success. If your happy so are we.

What is our mission

  • To SAVE your money and PROTECT your property against high unexpected costs.
  • To make Property Management simpler and more efficient.
  • To ensure that your tenants get their home emergencies dealt with quickly and without the high costs associated with emergency repairs.

What is our vision

  • To build a reputation on Trust and Value for money.
  • To become the 2nd largest Property Management company in the UK. However, when we have achieved that goal, why stop there, we will go all out to be No 1.
  • Miami Dolphins to win the Super Bowl.

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