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Our Packages

Please find below an overview of our packages. Click here for a breakdown of inclusions.

Bronze Packages Bronze

  • Tenant Find
  • Rent Collect

Silver Packages Silver

  • Tenant Find
  • Rent Collect
  • Property Management
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Gold Packages Gold

  • Tenant Find
  • Rent Collect
  • Property Management
  • Rent Guarantee and Eviction Cover

Platinum Packages Platinum

  • Tenant Find
  • Rent Collect
  • Property Management
  • Rent Guarantee and Eviction Cover
  • Home SOS Cover

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At PM4U we will:-

SAVE Save money
PROTECT Protect Property

We have created packages where you pay a flat fee no matter the income from your property and offer a low cost solution to Tenant Finding with no renewal fees. Our Platinum package protects your property with our home emergency breakdown cover (parts & labour included).

Our Packages and Prices

Some of the services we provide: -

(low cost flat rate fee)
(no renewal fees)
(included in our Gold & Platinum Plans)
(included in our Platinum Plan)
the old way


High Street Agents are becoming a thing of the past. Who wants to walk up and down a high street carrying loads of A4 sheets when these days you can simply go online and find your new Property from the comfort of your own home. On top of that, part of the reason why their costs and services are so expensive is the fact, they must pay to run their expensive high street office and all the costs that come with it. To state the obvious, it is you who pays for that.

the new way


Traditional estate agents do not give you any breakdown cover and therefore waste time on finding local tradesman to quote for any emergency jobs your property has. This wastes time and normally these emergency jobs are more expensive than need be. Then there is the small mater of the estate agents taking a 10% cut from the trade’s person.

In the real world this cost is quietly added to your bill. Someone must pay and that is you.

We at PM4U have worked extremely hard to come up with packages that will include SOS Home emergency and boiler breakdown cover (parts and labour included) lower than the price you would be paying a traditional high street agent just for their Property Management ONLY service.

We at PM4U are doing everything we can to SAVE & PROTECT your money and property. We believe that by removing wasted time from our business we will remove unnecessary costs to you. Therefore, allowing us to give you the low-priced service that we do with improved efficiency and quality.

Our Packages and Prices

SAVE your money

We are not able to SAVE lives, we thank our wonderful NHS for that, but we do want to SAVE you as much money as possible whilst giving you a great service. Traditional estate agents typically charge you between 8% and 15% a month to manage your properties. In London that can be £150 to £250 per month. We have decided that we do not want you to be penalised for the size of your income and have therefore decided to charge a fixed rate only


PROTECT your property

2020 has shown us all how fragile life is and how the world can change so quickly overnight. We all need to prepare for any eventuality. On our Platinum plans we give you Home & Boiler 24/7 emergency cover too. We have people on the ground throughout the UK ready to repair that broken-down boiler, burst water pipe, gas leak, faulty electrical socket, blocked drain and many more (all with parts & labour included)

We at PM4U do not want to leave any stone unturned and want to extend as much PROTECTION to you as we possibly can. With our affiliated partner we have negotiated a comprehensive package to PROTECT you against RENT loss and any required expensive Legal costs associated with the last resort of having to Evict a problem tenant. Our insurers will take care of all the tricky legal procedures and any costs associated with this procedure. This cover is automatically included with our Platinum plan but you can purchase as a one off upfront payment to cover either 6 months or 12 months.


Our Core Values - The ETEC system

Easy – we do the work and you follow it online with your own property portal 24/7.

Transparent – you have access to all communication between us and the tenants.

Efficient – quickly resolving issues like home emergencies - (no wasted time getting quotes).

Cost Saving – our packages are fixed rate and have no renewal fees. Home SOS includes parts & labour.


Our Online Management Portal

We at PM4U decided right from the beginning that we wanted to bring the costs down for you the customer. We therefore decided not to reside in an expensive high street office but to work exclusively online.

Although we are an online business we have people on the ground throughout England & Wales ready to fulfil the service we offer.

As a landlord or tenant, we know you want a smooth and efficient service. Who enjoys having to stand in a long queue, behind a desk where everyone can hear your conversation, or wait for ages on the phone to speak to the wrong person? NOBODY and that is why we give you your own property portal so that you can access any information you require 24/7, such as copies of gas or electrical certification which you can check and see if we are keeping them up to date. This gives greater transparency which leads to improved efficiencies.


What we are all about

Our core values, how we can help and more importantly why we do what we do.

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More about us...

What we value

  • We know how important your assets are too you and therefore want to ensure the greatest stress-free protection as possible at a reasonable price using our ETEC system.
  • We do not believe in unnecessary fees.
  • Your success is our success. If your happy so are we.

What is our mission

  • To SAVE your money and PROTECT your property against high unexpected costs.
  • To make Property Management simpler and more efficient.
  • To ensure that your tenants get their home emergencies dealt with quickly and without the high costs associated with emergency repairs.

What is our vision

  • To build a reputation on Trust and Value for money.
  • To become the 2nd largest Property Management company in the UK. However, when we have achieved that goal, why stop there, we will go all out to be No 1.
  • Miami Dolphins to win the Super Bowl.

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